Illustrated publication Humanist Transhumanist.

! The print edition is no longer available !

Humanist Transhumanist
features the works exhibited in melbourne 2009 by
artists Lee-Anne Raymond & Demetrios Vakras.

Left, front cover of the print edition


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About the 2009 print edition

front cover
(artwork by Lee-Anne Raymond)

front cover 2009 humanist transhumanist

back cover
(artwork by Demetrios Vakras)

back cover 2009 humanist transhumanist

Below, Humanist Transhumanist open on pp. 10-11 featuring artwork by Lee-Anne Raymond and pp. 28-29 featuring artwork by Demetrios Vakras


pages from printe version humanist transhumanist

Title - Humanist Transhumanist
Subtitle: Raymond & Vakras - Symbolism Surrealism Fantastic Art
ISBN: [978-0-646-52188-6]
Format: Paperback
Publication Date: 06/2009

Number Of Pages: 32
Height By Width: 295 x 210
Illustrations Included: Colour
Contributor: Demetrios Vakras
Contributor Role: Author
Contributor: Lee-Anne Raymond
Contributor Role: Author
Subject: Art, History, Philosophy and Ethics

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